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Call for scholarship applications Balassi Summer University (Hungarian language – Hungarian studies)

Call for scholarship applications Balassi Summer University (Hungarian language – Hungarian studies)
The Balassi Institute invites applications for a Hungarian State scholarship for the


The scholarship is intended for individuals of Hungarian descent living outside of Hungary (specifically: North-America, South-America, Australia, New Zealand), who wish to improve their command of Hungarian language and cultural identity.

The goal of the scholarship is to improve the Hungarian language skills and cultural knowledge of young people of Hungarian descent who are citizens and residents of other countries. The four-week long course takes place at the Balassi Institute in Budapest.

Young people of Hungarian descent, who are 18 years old or older, and who are not eligible for other scholarships announced by the Hungarian Scholarship Board for Summer Universities, are invited to apply.

Volunteer work, references from their University, and any other activities related to the Hungarian culture are taken into consideration in the selection of the applicants.
Description of the program:
During the four-week long program the students attend 80 Hungarian language classes, and they can participate in Hungarian studies lectures and extramural activities. Outside of class they will visit museums and will have various programs where they can gain experience regarding the Hungarian culture. At the end of the program they will take an oral and a written exam.

For those students who wish to apply for credits at their Universities, the Balassi Institute provides detailed course descriptions.

Class attendance is compulsory. Should a participant miss classes without cause, or violate the Institute’s Study and Exam rules or Disciplinary Guidelines, the individual will lose the right to continue in the program and the right to reside in the Institute’s residence. The individual will have to pay back the scholarship received up to that date.

Program duration: 4 weeks (27 July, 2015 – 21 August, 2015)

The scholarship includes:


- Tuition fee
- Course materials
- Student residence (2-3 persons per room)
- Three meals a day
- Pass for public transportation
- Attending the cultural programs in the afternoons
- Attending the excursion

Maximum number of scholarships that can be awarded: 10

Deadline for electronic application: 20 March, 2015.

The applications will be evaluated by 20 March, 2015, and applicants will be notified about the results within 5 days after that. Decisions about the applications are made by the Board. All decisions are binding.

The Balassi Institute will not consider applications that are submitted after the deadline and/or are incorrect or incomplete, or illegible.

All applications are to be submitted electronically.

As the first step, please register on
Second step - fill in the online Summer University application form.


Documents to be uploaded:


- Handwritten résumé (.pdf)
- An essay of about 200 words about why you would like to study in Hungary and how will you use the knowledge in your home country you will gain here (.doc)
- Copy of your passport (.pdf)
- Reference letter from a volunteer organization or a recognized individual in .pdf format (not mandatory, but recommended)


The applicant must cover the following expenses:


• Travel to and from Hungary
• Visa fee
• 2000 HUF for the entrance card and for the college (to be paid at enrollment)
• The fee of Health Insurance (the student has to cover the expenses of any medical treatment that might be necessary during his/her stay; as well as the student must arrange his/her Health Insurance)


For more information please get in contact with Bernadett Budavari at the Balassi Institute, in the Hungarian Language Department.

Address: Budapest, I. kerület, Somlói út 51. room 234.
Telephone: +36-1-381-5146
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For more information:
We accept applications in English as well.
All Hungarian speakers should fill in the form in Hungarian. Use the English form only in case you do not speak Hungarian.

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