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End-Term Event of the Academy | Rome

Exhibition of Art Scholarship Winners and the End-Term Concert of Bourdon Dragon - End-Term Event

Terra Casa Aria – Art Exhibition of Scholarship Winners
Opening: 24 June 7:30 P.M
The Exhibition of Scholarship Winners is an intrinsic part of the Art Scholarship Program of the Hungarian Academy in Rome. Exhibiting artists showcase pieces which were created during their stay in Rome and thus bear traces of Rome as an inspiration. Nonetheless, Rome as a theme is not a prerequisite. The exhibition is part of the End Term Programs of the Hungarian Academy in Rome. Exhibiting artists in 2015: Bodoczky István, Rabóczky Judit, Barabás Zsófia, Krámli Márta,  Moizer Zsuzsa,  Székelyi Katalin.
Curator of the exhibition: Németh Pál

Bourdon Dragon Concert

24 June 2015 8:30 P.M 20.30 Sala Liszt
With its graceful take on music, the concert of the group Bourdon Dragon is a perfect match for the exhibition of art scholarship winners. The event provides an opportunity to close the academic year with a charming outdoors celebratory night. Both fine arts and music have the quality of transcending cultures and languages, making it an ideal program for the Italian audience as well.
Bourdon Dragon was formed in Hungary in 2010. The repertoire of the group mainly consists of music from the XIth to XVIth centuries. Group members perform in authentic clothes and have given concerts in places such as Norway, Estonia, Spain and Romania.
Members of the group: Roland Dickmann, Ernő Kiss, Anna Németh, László Szalma, Zoltán Varró, László Nyíri.

The event is part of the series of events of Mese della Cultura Internazionale 2015.
It is realised with the support of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary



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