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The Guest Lecturer Network

The Guest Lecturer Network: Providing Instructors and Lecturers to Over 30 European Universities

The Institute’s network of guest instructors provides support for the teaching of Hungarian Studies and Language at foreign universities.

Lecturers are sent from Hungary to participate in programs at nearly 30 universities throughout Europe, thereby establishing close relations between Hungary’s universities and the rest of the continent, while also laying the groundwork for future cultural and scholarly programs in the field of Hungarian Studies. Regularly held conferences, meetings and training sessions continue to further and deepen close professional exchanges. 

Facilitating the teaching of Hungarology – also called Hungarian Studies- at foreign universities is at the forefront of the institute’s international activity. Throughout the world more than fifty universities offer Hungarian language classes and an opportunity to meet Hungarian culture at lectorates, Hungarian departments and specialised Hungarian courses included in other majors.

Hungarian majors traditionally founded with a linguistic or philological profile have opened up new branches of studies to meet the changing demands over the past decades, with a distinctive move towards interdisciplinarity. This means that, in addition to Finno-Ugric departments, they are being hosted increasingly by Applied Linguistics, Central European Studies, Transitology or other social sciences departments and institutes where both educational and research activities are pursued. As a result of these changes the Institute’s professional connections with partner foreign universities offering Hungarology training are becoming more complex.

The Balassi Institute as a legal successor of the International Hungarology Center sends visiting professors to more than thirty universities, with an average of 1500-2000 students attending their courses annually. Visiting professors’ tasks, in addition to classroom teaching, involve joining research projects, encouraging building relations with Hungarian universities and colleges, urging students to go on study tours in Hungary, taking an active part in introducing Hungarian culture to foreigners and organising local cultural events.

The Office of Visiting Professors operates the Visiting Professorhip program of the Balassi Institute. This involves administering the affairs of teachers sent abroad by the Institute, usually for a four-year term. Moreover, the Office deals with applications, scholarships and professional monitoring, ensures that necessary school equipment be available, enables communication, provides information and organises the meeting of guest professors annually at the end of August.
Besides Visiting Professorship, the Institute also offers other ways of support for Hungarology teaching abroad; it operates a complex Hungarian language and Hungarology training in Budapest within partial studies programs, organises summer schools as well as intensive language courses and develops curriculums. It also supports Hungarology periodicals and holds further training courses. Furthermore, through the Hungarian Scholarship Board (MÖB) Office the Balassi Institute awards gradual, postgradual and research scholarships for Hungarology experts and students of Hungarian departments abroad.


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