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Imre Kinszki: Fragments | Paris

Imre Kinszki Exhibition From 4 June to 11 July 2015
Hungarian Institute in Paris 92, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris
More information at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | +33 1 43 26 06 44

While the the oeuvre of Kinszki Imre,  an artist who tragically perished in the Holocaust, is generally treated as equal to that of Brassai, Kertész and Moholy-Nagy by connoisseurs, his extraordinary photos are hardly known in Hungary. This is true despite the fact that during his life his photos and writings regularly appeared in Hungarian publications while his pictures were featured in renowned foreign magazines such as the National Geographic and American Photography. Budapest arguably constitutes one of his central themes. He entrusted a box of his negatives to his family during the Second World War. The content of the box survived, and so did those moments, frozen in time - memories from a lost word.
Kinszki was greatly influenced by contemporary currents in photography; he can be viewed as the foremost Hungarian representative of new objectivity. He took city and genre photos as well as nature and macro photos with a new approach. His life has been compromised by having to work as an office clerk to earn a living while being a philosopher, biologist and photographer simultaneously. Altough introduced to the immigration quota of the US, he did not manage to leave the country in time, thus falling victim to Nazism.

The exhibition features the documentary about Kinszki's life made by Centrope, titled Love Arrives on a Paper Plane.
Entry is free.


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