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International Directorate

The main scope of activities and object of the institutes as a state allocated responsibility in line with Hungary’s long -term goals:

     • to preserve and promote extensively national cultural heritage
     • to foster and maintain relationships in cultural diplomacy with the recipient country
     • to further international cultural and scientific cooperation
     • Hungarian language teaching
     • to demonstrate the diversity of Hungarian culture and society by ways of providing information and event organising

The first Hungarian institutes abroad, the so-called Collegium Hungaricum, were established by Kunó Klebelsberg (minister of culture at the time) in the 1920s in order to build relations with the international scientific community (in Vienna and Berlin in 1924, in Rome and Paris in 1927). Organising scientific life and education make up a fundamental part of the institutes’ activity even today. Apart from differences shaped by history, there are also variations in the scope of activities, services and equipment of the institutes. Some of them maintain libraries, Hungarian language teaching centers and  galleries in addition to their primary work in culture, education and organising science.

The network of Hungarian institutes in the world today represents Hungarian interests in the field of education and culture in 21 countries with 23 institutes, reaching back to more than 80 years.

Hungarian institutes in the world:

Vienna, Austria | Belgrade, Serbia | Berlin, Germany | Brussels, Belgium | Bucarest, Romania | Delhi, India | Helsinki, Finland | Cairo, Egypt 

Istambul, Turkey | London, United Kingdom | Moscow, Russia | New York, USA | Paris, France | Beijing, China | Bratislava, Slovakia | Prague, Czech Republic 

Rome, Italy | Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfantu Gheorghe), Romania | Stuttgart, Germany | Sofia, Bulgaria | Tallinn, Estonia 

Warsaw, Poland | Zagreb, Croatia

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