The project mixes the two specific art„ism” of east and west. With a surreal transformation of the pictures, the printings of the official art of socialism become a work of art, the reality of art.

The illustrations are completed by a film. The short film ‘The Great Flood of Fehérvár’ as a fictitious documentum shows the pictures before the political change-over in a process of never been flood in an exemption and mixing of real and unreal. The text to the film was written by Esterházy Péter and he is the narrator as well. Composer is Melis László.
The exhibition will be on view until 13 September 2017.
Exhibition in the Műcsarnok:
The  full bibliography is included in the catalog of exhibitions organized in the Műcsarnok. (1975-2015)

Location : Balassi Institute, 10 Treurenberg, 1000 Brussels
The paintings of the exhibition were made up of the alloy of two distinctive artistic isms of the East and West. By transforming the visual impressions of official and false art of socialism with the surrealistic image montage.