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Invitations for grant applications for native Hebrew speaker literary translators

The Balassi Institute invite applications for a grant for native Hebrew speaker literary translators

The Balassi Institute invite applications for a grant available for one person in the academic year 2013/14 with the aim of popularising Hungarian literature in Hebrew. Non-Hungarian citizens whose mother tongue is Hebrew possessing a higher education degree can apply. Prerequisites include at least intermediate-level knowledge of Hungarian and a thorough acquaintance with the literary history of Hungary. Applicants should be below 45 years of age.

The holder of the scholarship will take part in the literary translator course of The Balassi Institute. The main scope of the training is to help the scholarship winner in the process of translating Hungarian literary pieces into Hebrew and to promote Hungarian culture in general.

The training involves getting acquainted with the practice of literary translation as well as ensuring a possibility to broaden the winner’s knowledge about Hungarian language and literature. The Institute issues a Hungarian and English language certificate testifying to having succesfully completed the ten-month training.

In the course of the training, withinin the frame of seminars, the scholarship winner is given the chance to familiarise himself/herself with the practice of translation, contemporary Hungarian literature, literary criticism and theatre. In addition, advanced level Hungarian language classes also constitute part of the training. The scholarship holder will be aided with his work by a native Hungarian speaker professional lector (literary translator) regularly throughout the year. By the end of the training the scholarship holder is required to produce an independent piece of work as proof of his/her capability.

The training starts in September 2013 and ends in June 2014, consisiting of two semesters. In the study period attendance is compulsory both in autumn and spring. The training comprises 20-24 hours per week.

Scholarship students will receive the following benefits for the duration of studies:
- A 38,000 HUF scholarship per month
- free learning material
- free accommodation in a dormitory

Attention please! Due to legal changes the scholarship grant does not include a free health insurance.

Students must cover the following costs:
- the cost of travelling and meals (the scholarship covers approximately one third of these)
- security (the exact amount will be determined in the autumn of 2013)
- non EU citizens have to pay for their health insurance (a total of 54,000 HUF), 30,000 HUF of which is provided by the Balassi Institute
How to apply:
You can apply until 20 September 2013 by post (we consider the arrival of your application). Please send your application documents to the following address: Balassi Intézet / Hungarológia Tagozat, 1519 Budapest, Pf. 385. On the envelope please write ’’MŰFORDÍTÁS’’.

The Balassi Institute will inform all applicants on the results until until 27 September 2013 the latest.

Documents to be attached:
- the application form
- CV detailing university studies (with a special emphasis on Hungarology and Literary Studies), experience and achievements in the field of literary translation
- a list of publication of translations and other literary pieces, or a sample translation at least 5-10 pages long of any preferred text from Hungarian fiction (please enclose a copy of the original)
- a true copy of your degree certificate/ diploma, or in case of finalists and PhD students, a true copy of your course record
- an outline of the applicant’s plans, ideas and long term goals in the field of literary translation, with a description of the domain in Hungarian culture the applicant would like to deal with in the future
- minimum one recommendation (that of an acknowledged literary translator, university lecturer or any expert in culture) about the professional work of the applicant up to date
- a true copy of your passport

The applicant is also required to register until 20 September 2013 at the client gateway of The Balassi Institute on the webpage.
If an application is not accepted, the applicant will have the opportunity to participate in the programme in a fee-paying form.

• Courses and learning materials: 850,000 HUF
• Accommodation in a dormitory: 270,000 HUF (a room for two for the duration of 10 months), 190,000 HUF (a room for three for the duration of 10 months)

For further information contact the Department of Hungarian Studies of the Balassi Institute (1016 Budapest, Somlói út 51., Room 201) or visit the website of the Institute.
Tel.: (+36-1) 381 51 80
Tel./fax: (+36-1) 381 51 19
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