Invitation for grant applications Hungarian language course – Hungarian studies (credit-based) for persons whose native language is not Hungarian (2013/2014)

The Balassi Institute invite applications for a grant for a 10-month comprehensive Hungarian language–Hungarian studies training for candidates who are:

– non-Hungarian citizens whose native language is other than Hungarian,

– below 35 years of age,

– graduate or undergraduate students of Hungarian studies.

Confirmation of current or former studies by the applicant in the field of Hungarian studies or related subjects, and a working plan for disseminating the Hungarian language and culture are also a prerequisite.



The goal of Hungarian Language–Hungarian Studies training is to increase the language competence and “Hungarology” knowledge acquired at universities outside Hungary. The programme, which is a 10-month-long accredited training programme between September 2013 and June 2014, offers 26-55 ECTS credit points. The University of Pecs verifies the completion of the studies by issuing a certificate.

Improving the language skills is a major goal of the training, that is, the students will attend 12–28 language classes per week in small groups. At the end of the language course they will take an international ECL exam (intermediate or advanced level) which is authorized by the Hungarian state.

The courses in Hungarian Studies transfer complex and diverse knowledge of present Hungary and its cultural heritage. Beside compulsory lectures and seminars students take part in optional seminars according to their individual field of interest. Compulsory lectures/seminars: History, Literature, Linguistics, Ethnography, History of Arts and Music, Geography, Hungarian Society Today, Economics, Cultural and Political System. Students can choose from the following subjects according to their interest: History, History of Literature, Contemporary Literature, Translation of Literary Works, Linguistics, History of Film, History of Theatre.

The programme consists of two semesters including a study period of 13/15 weeks (with at least 28-32 lessons weekly), and an exam period of 4 weeks (with maximum 4 exams in each semester). There are three types of curriculum available according to the different language competence of the students.


Applicants must fill in the application form and the questionnaire on the computer.

Documents to be attached:

– a copy of the passport

– a copy of the applicant’s diploma or lecture book

– at least one letter of recommendation from an acknowledged expert in the field of Hungarian Studies or in the applicant’s field of interest

– a professional plan of max. two pages describing the applicant’s field of interest/research

Applicants must complete the online registration form of the Balassi Institute until April 29, 2013 (

The application package should be sent to the following address:

Balassi Institute / Department of Hungarian Studies

1519 Budapest, Pf. 385


May 6, 2013

Please put “HUNGAROLÓGIA” on the envelope.

We do not accept applications by e-mail or fax.

The scholarship can only be granted on one occasion.

Scholarship students will receive the following benefits for the duration of studies (September 2013–June 2014):

  • 25.000 HUF/month stipend
  • free study material
  • free accommodation at the student hostel of the Institute

Attention please! Due to legal changes the scholarship grant does not include a free health insurance.

Students must cover the following costs:

  • language examination fee: 25.000 HUF (approx. 85 EUR);
  • cost of board and travel (the grant covers approx. 30% of these costs)
  • cost of the entrance card: 2.000 HUF (approx. 7 EUR)
  • for non-European Union citizens: cost of health insurance to which the Balassi Institute contribute 3.000 HUF/month

The Balassi Institute will inform all applicants on the results until May 31, 2013 at the latest.

If an application is not accepted, the applicant will have the opportunity to participate in the programme in a fee-paying form:


  • Instruction, teaching materials:                     990.000 HUF (approx. 3.300 EUR)
  • Accommodation (student hostel):                 300.000 HUF (approx. 1.000 EUR)

Fee-paying students will also be given a legal student status for the duration of their studies.

For further information contact the Department of Hungarian Studies of the Balassi Institute (1016 Budapest, Somlói út 51., Room  201) or visit the website of the Institute.

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